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Operator's Manual
Read through the Operator‘s Manual carefully and
understand the content before using the machine.
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Page 1 - 232R/RD 235R

101 89 79-26225R/RD 227R/RD232R/RD 235ROperator's ManualRead through the Operator‘s Manual carefully andunderstand the content before using the


10 – EnglishSAFETY INSTRUCTIONSCutting equipmentSharpening thegrass blade• See the cuttingequipment’s packaging forcorrect filing instructions.• The b


English – 11SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSGeneral safety instructionsIMPORTANT INFORMATION• The machine is only designed for trimming grass,brush cutting and/or

Page 4

12 – EnglishGeneral working instructionsSAFETY INSTRUCTIONS4.Take great care whencutting a tree that is subjectto tension. A tree that isunder tension

Page 5

English – 13SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSAdjusting the harness and clearing sawDesignations• Forestry clearing is ageneral term for cuttingsmall trees where eac

Page 6

14 – EnglishSAFETY INSTRUCTIONSClearing‘s ABCA. Always use the correct equipment.B. Always have well adjusted equipment.C. Follow the safety instructi

Page 7

English – 15SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS• Large stems must be cutfrom two sides.Determine in whichdirection the stemshould fall. First applythe saw to the fell

Page 8

16 – EnglishSAFETY INSTRUCTIONSGrass clearingusing the trimmerhead• Hold the trimmer headjust above the ground atan angle. It is the end ofthe cord th

Page 9

English – 17WHAT IS WHAT?What is what on the brushcutter?1. Blade2. Grease filler cap3. Angle gear4. Blade guard5. Shaft6. Handlebars7. Throttle8. Sto


18 – EnglishAssembling the handlebars(225R/RD, 227R/RD, 232R/RD)ASSEMBLYAssembling the handlebars (235R)• Remove the screw at therear of the throttle

Page 11

English – 19ASSEMBLYAssembly of the blade and trimmerheadAssembling the blade guard andclearing blade•Fasten the bracket(H)using the four screws (I).•

Page 12

2 – EnglishSymbolsSYMBOL EXPLANATIONWARNING! Clearing saws,brushcutters and trimmers can bedangerous!Careless or incorrect use can result inserious or

Page 13

20 – EnglishASSEMBLYAssembling the spray guard andtrimmer head Trimmy SII (235R)• Fit the guard (A) intendedfor use with the trimmerhead. Secure using

Page 14

English – 21ASSEMBLYAdjusting the harness and clearingsawAssembling and dismantling thetwo-part shaft (225RD, 227RD,232RD)Quick releaseOn the front is

Page 15

22 – EnglishFUEL HANDLING• Clean around the fuelcap. Contamination inthe tank can disruptoperations.• Ensure that the fuel iswell mixed by shaking the

Page 16

English – 23START AND STOPControl before startingFor reasons of safety followthese recommendations!• Check the blade to ensurethat no cracks have form

Page 17 - WHAT IS WHAT?

24 – EnglishMAINTENANCECarburettorYour Husqvarna product has been designed andmanufactured to specifications that reduce harmfulemissions.After your u

Page 18 - ASSEMBLY

English – 25Correctly adjusted carburettorA correctly adjusted carburettor means that the machineaccelerates without hesitation and the machine 4-cycl

Page 19

26 – EnglishMAINTENANCECooling systemTo maintain as low opera-ting temperature as possiblethe engine is equipped witha cooling system.The cooling syst

Page 20

English – 27MAINTENANCESpark plugThe condition of the sparkplug is affected by:• An incorrect carburettorsetting.• An incorrect fuel mixture(too much

Page 21

28 – EnglishMAINTENANCEMaintenance scheduleBelow follows some general maintenance instructions.If you need further information please contact your ser


English – 29MAINTENANCEMonthlymaintenance1.Clean the fuel tank.2.Clean the carburettor andthe area surrounding it.3.Clean the fan and the areaaround i


English – 3CONTENTSList of contentsSYMBOL EXPLANATIONSymbols ... 2CONTENTS


30 – EnglishTECHNICAL DATATechnical dataEngineCylinder capacity, cm3Cylinder bore, mmStroke length, mmIdling speed, rpmRecommended max. speed, rpmSpee

Page 25

English – 31TECHNICAL DATATechnical dataEngineCylinder capacity, cm3Cylinder bore, mmStroke length, mmIdling speed, rpmRecommended max. speed, rpmSpee

Page 26

32 – EnglishTECHNICAL DATAApproved accessories 225R/RD, 225R/RDCentre hole in blades Ø 20 mmThreaded blade axle M10Grass bladeSaw bladePlastic knifesT

Page 27

EU declaration of conformity (Only applies to Europe)(Directive 89/392/EEC, Annex II, A)We, Husqvarna AB, S-561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, tel: +46 36-1465

Page 28


Page 29

English – 35



Page 31

We hope you find the links below useful. For further gardening information visit www.GardenResources.co.uk Blower Vacs Brush cutters Bru

Page 32

4 – EnglishThe machine‘s safety equipmentThis section describes the machine‘s safety equipment, itsfunction and how checks and maintenance are carried

Page 33 - (Only applies to Europe)

English – 52. Stop switchThe stop switch should beused to stop the engine.3. Cuttingattachment guardThis guard is intended toprevent objects from bein

Page 34 - ´*2£

6 – EnglishSAFETY INSTRUCTIONS6. MufflerThe muffler is designed togive the lowest possible noiselevel and to direct theengine‘s exhaust fumes awayfrom

Page 35 - English – 35

English – 7SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS1. Throttle triggerlock• Check that the throttle islocked in the “idlingposition“ when thethrottle trigger lock is inits

Page 36

8 – EnglishSAFETY INSTRUCTIONS3. Cuttingattachment guard• Check that the guard isundamaged and notcracked.• Replace the guard if it hasbeen exposed to

Page 37

English – 97. Quick-release• Check that the harnessstraps are correctlypositioned. When theharness and machine areadjusted, check the harness‘safety r

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