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Part Number 308796001
(Rated for maximum pressure of 3700 psi)
Read and understand all instructions. Failure to follow
all instructions listed below, and in the Operators Manual
for the pressure washer, can result in serious personal
injury and property damage.
You may use this nozzle for the purposes listed below:
�Removing dirt and mold from decks, cement, brick work,
and hard surfaces
The turbo nozzle is a rotating, high-powered nozzle that
increases cleaning ability by approximately 25%. The turbo
nozzle is not designed to be used with any chemical, clean
ing solution, or bleach; use with water only.
NOTE: For the most effective cleaning, the spray nozzle
should be between 24 in. and 36 in. from the surface to be
cleaned. If the spray is too close it can damage the surface
to be cleaned. Read “Selecting the Right Quick-Connect
Nozzle for the Job” on page 14 in the pressure washer
Operator’s Manual.
Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side
shields when operating tools. Failure to do so could
result in objects being thrown into your eyes, resulting in
possible serious injury.
NEVER change nozzles without locking the lock out on
the spray wand.
To avoid damaging the surface to be cleaned, do not hold
spray nozzle closer than 24 inches from the surface.
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TURBO NOZZLE FOR RYOBI PRESSURE WASHERSPart Number 308796001(Rated for maximum pressure of 3700 psi)WARNING:Read and understand all instructions. Fail

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ADVERTENCIA:Lea y comprenda todas las instrucciones. El incumplimiento de todas las instrucciones siguientes y en el manual del operador

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