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This unit was not made by RYOBI.
Contact Wolfcraft
@ 888-574-5757, ext.
250 for repair parts. www.wolfcraft.com
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Page 1 - @ 888-574-5757, ext

This unit was not made by RYOBI. Contact Wolfcraft® @ 888-574-5757, ext. 250 for repair parts. www.wolfcraft.com


ASSEMBLY10Fig. 23. Attach legs (D) securely to table top with 16 pan headscrews (AB). Use a #3 Phillips screwdriver to keep fromstripping the screw he


ASSEMBLY11Fig. 3TO ATTACH THE SWITCH BOXSee Figure 34. Place the router table on its legs.5. Use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to attach switch box (G) to

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ASSEMBLY12Fig. 6TO ATTACH THE FENCESee Figure 610. Attach the safety shield (A) to the fence (B) with 2 panhead screws (AH). Use a #3 Phillips screwdr


ASSEMBLE THE MITER GUIDESee Figure 1115. Place the miter guide head (E) on top of the miter bar(X). Now fasten together by screwing the self tappingsc

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MOUNTING THE ROUTER14WARNING:Always unplug router and remove router bits beforemounting to router table. Remove the fence, theinsert, the featherboard

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Fig. 13MOUNTING THE ROUTER15See Figure 136. Mount the router with adaptor base plate by putting thepan head screws (AG) through the holes in the table

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16MOUNTING THE ROUTERSee Figure 166. Screw the three locating pins (Y) into nuts on adapterplate from top side at hole position H.YY (3)Fig. 16Fig. 17

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MOUNTING THE ROUTER17See Figure 199. Position all 4 clamps on the adapter plate and tightensecurely with the 4 knobs.10. Place the router table on its

Page 10 - ASSEMBLY

SWITCH BOX18IntroductionSee Figure 20A conveniently located Switch Box allows the operator to:I turn the router ON and OFF from the front of the table

Page 11

SWITCH BOX19Switch Box FamiliarizationThe purpose of this section is to familiarize the user withthe operation of the switch box BEFORE the router isp

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TABLE OF CONTENTS2INTRODUCTIONYour router table has many features for making the use ofa router more pleasant and enjoyable. Safety, performance, and

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Table flatness adjustmentSee Figure 24Your router table comes equipped with 2 “L” bracketsmounted under it to help ensure the flatness of the working


Fig. 2621Using fenceSee Figure 26To position the fence on tabletop, make this adjustment.1. Place the fence on the tabletop.2. Loosen the 2 knobs (T).

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OPERATION22WARNING:Feed workpiece against the router bit's direction ofrotation. Unplug router prior to changing the bit, modifying settings, or

Page 16

OPERATION23Outside routingSee Figure 311. Place your workpiece on the tabletop relative to the router bit.2. Feed your workpiece through the bit in th

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ACCESSORIES24Fig. 35Fig. 34Using featherboardsSee Figure 35The featherboards provide support for the workpiece byholding it securely, which helps mini

Page 18 - SWITCH BOX

REPAIR PARTS252413271159271026151425258224232382021221924324132742912286630630303034721618333224162413173113242439404040403938241324133041304444454243

Page 19

REPAIR PARTS26KEY NO. ITEM Part NO. DESCRIPTION QTY.1 C 119800419 Tabletop 12 B 119900666 Fence 13 A 116600681 Safety shield 14 G 117920107 Switch box

Page 21

OPERATOR’S MANUALROUTER TABLE RT501W116 300 19105 05RYOBI TECHNOLOGIES INC.1428 Pearman Dairy Road Anderson, SC 29625Post Office Box 1207 Anderson,

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RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION3I Read all safety instructions before using Read the owner's manual carefully. Learn its applica-tions and limitations a

Page 23

RULES FOR SAFE OPERATIONUNPACKING AND CHECKING CONTENTS4CAUTION:Separate all parts from packaging materials and checkeach item against the package con


FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS5Table weight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


PACKAGE CONTENTS AND HARDWARE LEGEND6ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY.A Safety shield 1 AB Fence 1 BC Tabletop 1 CD Leg 4 DE Miter guide 1 EF Adapter plate 1 FG S

Page 26

PACKAGE CONTENTS AND HARDWARE LEGEND7ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY.H Featherboard 3 HJ Sliding block 3 JK Cap for table top 4 KL Tabletop insert, 1 LM Tableto

Page 27

PACKAGE CONTENTS AND HARDWARE LEGEND (Continued)8Note: Hardware parts shown (screws, nuts, washers) are actual size.ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY.U Flange nut


PACKAGE CONTENTS AND HARDWARE LEGEND (Continued)9Note: Hardware parts shown (screws, nuts, washers) are actual size.ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY.AD Hex nut (M

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