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ES1000 Laser Distance Measurer
1. Select the Laser Distance Measurer device icon and choose Activate Device.
2. Select your current Ryobi Nation login credentials, or if new user, Create Account.
3. Enter the 14-digit serial number and purchase date.
1. Line up the notches of the clip and the device. With your thumbs, firmly push in the
center of the clip until you hear a click.
2. Make sure the clip is securely attached to the device before proceeding. Attach the clip
to your phone.
3. Remove red tab in the battery compartment to activate the batteries.
4. With the App open to the main screen, plug the device into the headphone jack on your
smart phone. With device connected, be sure the volume on your phone is turned all the
way up.
5. The device will auto-recognize and open the Laser Distance Measurer.
NOTE: If the device is not found, disconnect the device, restart the App, and reconnect
the Laser Distance Measurer.
NOTE: In order for the app to work properly, select Ok when asked for access to the
microphone, camera and location. These settings can be changed in your phone’s
dedicated settings.
6. Select the type of measurement desired (Distance is the default).
7. Select the Laser On icon to begin live measurements.
8. Capture measurement(s) by selecting green MEASURE button.
9. Select Camera On to take a picture.
10. Swipe to save the photo.
11. Apply the captured measurements to the photo.
12. The full Operator’s Manual is available in Settings.
12-4-14 (REV:01)
This Quick Start Guide is not a substitute for reading the operator’s manual included with the
app. To reduce the risk of injury, user must read and understand operator’s manual before
using this product.
Thank you for purchasing Ryobi
Phone Works
If you need assistance DO NOT RETURN TO THE STORE
Please contact us at 1-877-578-6736
Before getting started, please visit
There you can find How-To Videos, Operator’s Manuals and
the most current list of compatible phones.
Download Ryobi
Phone Works
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ES1000 Laser Distance MeasurerACTIVATING DEVICE1. Select the Laser Distance Measurer device icon and choose Activate Device.2. Select your current R


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