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Dandelion Weeder1-3/8” blade. 38” wood handle. Chrome ferrule. Blue.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price70175 1941600 EA 1 1

Page 3

Grass SeedMixture contains 94 percent Barverdi Annual Ryegrassand 6 percent Perennial Ryegrass.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Meas. Multipl

Page 4

High Traffic Grass SeedFor high traffic areas. 40.0 percent Turf Type Tall Fescue,35.0 percent Barverdi Annual Rye, 15.0 percent PinnaclePerennial Rye

Page 5

Wire Hanging Plant Bracket10”. 180 degree swivel. Clear lacquer coating. Carded.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Finish Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price7

Page 6

Suspended Ceiling Track HooksFor hanging plant containers from ceiling track. Clear.Carded. Carded/2.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multip

Page 7

Pot with Saucer14”. Chocolate colored. Linen Jardinieres pot fromthe ancient civilizations line Artisans. Features agrid-line pattern with saucer and

Page 8

Ming Safari PotPart of the Faraway Places collection. These potsinfuse the global style and culture of the far east.Brown color.Stock Mfr. Unit of Ord

Page 9

Hanging BasketGrower’s Series. Round hanging basket. Includes coco liner.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Finish Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price710

Page 10 - LAWN & GARDEN

Hanging BasketIndoor/outdoor. Drainage plate. 24” macramehanger. Matte finish. Terra cotta.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Meas. Multiple Wg

Page 11

Bark Guard2 - 9” pieces per unit. Protects trees from trimmer and mowerdamage. Fits trees up to 4” (10cm) across. Expands with treegrowth. Gravity fee

Page 12

Weed Preventer with Fertilizer16 pound. Covers up to 2,560 square feet. 9-17-9 fer-tilizer analysis. Special flower formulation and increasedweed prev

Page 13

Shovel & Spade Handle48” length. Ash handle. 9-1/2” slotted eye chuck. No shoulder. For bent razor-back style hollowback shovels and spades. Inclu

Page 14

Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer24 oz. Ready to use. Kills over 60 types of weeds. 100% root kill-guaranteed. The best way to get rid of poison ivy

Page 15

Weed & Grass Killer32 oz. For use around walkways, patios, and fences. Kills theroot. Concentrate. Glyphosate active. Bottle.Stock Mfr. Unit of Or

Page 16

Weed & Grass KillerKills tough weeds in more places. Use in and around fences,trees, driveways, flower beds and vegetable gardens, alsogreat for l

Page 17

Stump Remover1 lb. Ready to apply granules. Dry chemical is applied tostump for easier removal. No digging or chopping. Bottle.Stock Mfr. Unit of Orde

Page 18

Insect Repellent6 ounce. Provides protection from biting insects, especially inwooded areas Also provided protection against disease carryingticks, mo

Page 19

Mosquito CoilProvides continuous protection against outdoor fly-ing insects. Decorative terra cotta coil holder withlid. Includes 4 coils.Stock Mfr. U

Page 20

Flying Insect Killer15 ounce. Kills flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying insects.Works at controlling Blue Bottle Flies, Horse Flies, and mosqui

Page 21 - Link Handle

Wasp & Hornet Killer14 ounce. Shoots 20’. Kills wasps and hornets on contact but willnot stain. Contains .25 percent Tralomethryn and .05 percent

Page 22

Ant Stakes10 pack. New formula and packaging for 2008.Indoor and outdoor use. Destroys entire colonies.Kills ants right away. Ants carry bait back to

Page 23

Fly TrapFly trap is sized 10” x 9-1/2” x 13-1/2”. Made of Sex-A-Traxlure and is non-poisonous. Comes with a plastic dispenser.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order

Page 24

Bow Rake Handle1-1/4” diameter x 7/16” bore. 60” hardwood handle. For bow rakes andsome heavy cotton hoe. Lacquered.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. N

Page 25

The Pantry Pest TrapFor use in kitchens, and food storage areas. Attractsfood-eating moths. No insecticides or pesticides. Displaycarton. Boxed/2.Stoc

Page 26

Moth Balls1 pound. 100 percent pure Naphthalene. Kill clothesmoths and larva. For drawers, chest and closet storage.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. N

Page 27

Gulf Stream Home & GardenBug Killer with Hose End Bottle32 oz. Kills over 100 insects on vegetables, fruit ornaments andlawn. Including Japanese b

Page 28

Home InsecticideGallon. Ready to use. Kills roaches, ants, spiders, fleasand other pests. Lasts up to 2 months. Contains .01 per-cent Tralomethrin. Co

Page 29

Garden & Pet Dust4 pound. Contains Permethrin. Kills and repels pests onfruits, vegetables, roses, flowers, and ornaments. Killsfleas on dogs and

Page 30

Lawn & Garden Insect KillerQuart. Treats up to 16,000 square feet. Kills over 100 insects.Next generation Diazinon replacement. Kills on contact.

Page 31 - Arnold Corporation

Triazicide Once & Done InsectKiller10 pound granules. Use on lawns, trees, gardens,flowers, roses and shrubs. Treats up to 12,500square feet. Kill

Page 32

Weed & Grass KillerVisible results in 3 hours. Rain fast in 15 minutes. Kills theweed completely including the root. Use around trees andshrubs, i

Page 33

Critter Ridder Animal Repellent2.2 pounds. granule. Repels skunks, groundhogs, dogs, cats, andraccoons. Can be used indoors (attics, basements) and ou

Page 34 - Central Power Dist

Rat Bait PelletsKills rats and mice. Kills warfarin resistant mice & rats in a singlefeeding. Contains Brodifacoum. Larger “rat size” pieces. 4 re

Page 35

E-Grip Cultivator13-1/2”. Cast aluminum head. Ergonomic co-molded grip.Handle designed so hand can’t move forward onto blade. Hangup hole in handle. P

Page 36

Covered Mouse TrapReuseable. Safe set lever. Never touch the mouse.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price7009699 1920000027 EA

Page 37

Rodent GasserSmoke cartridges. Kills gophers, moles, woodchucks, rats,skunks and ground squirrels. Do not use around com-bustibles. EPA registered. 4

Page 38

Steel Sprayer1 gal. operating capacity. 1.5 gal. total .5” funnel open-ing. 12” poly extension wand. 36” black reinforcedhose. 7” poly pump. Poly shut

Page 39

Hand-Held Sprayer48 ounce. Features translucent tank with measuring marks.Has adjustable nozzle and chemical-resistant poly tank.Stock Mfr. Unit of Or

Page 40

Sprayer Seal KitFits Poly Premier and Industrial sprayers. For use with: Mfr.No. 21220, Ace No. 73280, Mfr. No. 21230, Ace No. 73281Mfr. No. 20428, Ac

Page 41

Poly Curved Extension12”. Rotates 360 degrees for spraying flexibility. For use withChapin poly shut-off handle and nozzles. Fits models: Mfr. No.2004

Page 42

Stock Drain Tank PlugFits all Rubbermaid stock tanks. Includes drainplug and gaskets.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Meas. Multiple Wgt. Pri

Page 43

PVC RaincoatYellow. 48” long - 35 mil. PVC coated rayon. Ventilated yokeand back. Raglan sleeves, cape back, storm fly front anddetachable hood. Plast

Page 44

Canvas GlovesLight duty. Knit wrist. Cotton canvas/blend.Hangtag.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Description Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price71315

Page 45

Suede Cowhide GlovesKeystone thumb. Shirred wrist. Self-hemmed.Gunn cut. Superior durability. Double layer rein-forced plam. Saddle tan.Stock Mfr. Uni

Page 46

Hand Trowel10” long. Green poly handle. White enamel blade. Bulk.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price76911 GT0110G EA 12 3.2

Page 47

Garden GlovesSuede cowhide. Leather palm. Reinforced fingertipsand knuckle strap. Safety cuff. Shirred wrist.Assorted colors. Pair. Carded.Stock Mfr.

Page 48

Jersey GlovesLarge. All purpose lightweight glove. 9 ounce. Knitwrist protection. Hangtag. Brown.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple W

Page 49

Goatskin Leather Palm GlovesYouth size. Premium pearl goatskin leather palm glove.Reinforced safety cuff. Assorted printed twill fabric: green, blueor

Page 50

Anti-Vibration GlovesPremium synthetic leather. Pair. Carded.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price7188121 S2300-L Large

Page 51

GlovesSilicone-fused palm for ultimate grip and control.Reinforced saddle and thumb for high durability. Airpreneknuckle impact protection. Temperatur

Page 52

Kettle GrillStainless steel One-Touch cleaning system. No-rust alu-minum vent and ash catcher. Triple nickel plated cookinggrate. Porcelain enameled b

Page 53

Silver Kettle Charcoal GrillAluminized steel One-Touch cleaning system. No-rustaluminum vent and ash catcher. Triple nickel platedcooking grate. Porce

Page 54

Fish Basket6” x 15”. Pine handle.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price86770 BBQ-467736 EA 1 4.5 7.99Chrome Basket20-1/2” x 9”

Page 55

Drip PansFoil liners for grease catch pan. Each pan meas-ures 8.5” x 6”. Does not fit Summit 6 burner mod-els. Aluminum. 10 pans per pack. Sleeved.Sto

Page 56

Chimney Starter10.5” x 6.5”. Tin construction. Hardwood handle.Eliminates the need for lighter fluids. Wrap label.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No.

Page 57

Garden Planter16” long. Trowel and pick blade. Foam grip. Steel.Lifetime warranty.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price72579

Page 58

Basting Brush21” long. Stainless steel construction. Riveted black wood han-dle. Matching tools Ace No. 8005100, 8005118 and 8005134.Hang loop with ha

Page 59

Mesquite Chunks1.5 pounds. Bagged.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price86817 17101 EA 1 1.3 2.29Wood Chunks5 lb. (360 cu. in)

Page 60

Cedar Grilling Plank Combo SetUse with all charcoal and gas grills or smokers. Imparts flavorsand aromas to seafood, meat, poultry and vegetables. Kee

Page 61

Universal Cooking GridLarge. Adjusts from 22-1/4” x 13-3/4” to 22-1/4”to 16-1/4”. Width expands to provide universal fit.Card insert. Shrinkwrapped.St

Page 62

Flavorizer BarsFits Spirit 700, Genesis Silver B & C, Weber 900grills. Includes five 22.5” bars. Porcelain enamelcoated. Boxed.Stock Mfr. Unit of

Page 63

Charcoal Grill CoverFits all 22.5” Weber charcoal stand-up grills. Heavy-duty vinyl. Gray. Boxed.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple W

Page 64

Basting Mop18” long. Wooden handle. Long silicone bristles for maximumsauce retention. Hang tag.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wg

Page 65

Thermal Victory JugKeeps drinks cold. Urethane-based foam insulation forsuperior thermal retention. Lid and spout are leak proof. Bailhandles for carr

Page 66

Water Tumbler16 ounces. Non-sweat exterior. Double wall insulation keepswater cooler. Fits in standard car cup holder. Lid attaches easilyto bags. Non

Page 67

Stainless Steel Mug16 ounce hybrid stainless double wall travel mug. Insulatedto keep drinks hot or cold. Closing lid. Bisphenol-A (BPA)Free. Car cup

Page 68

Hedge Shears21” with steel blades. Ash handle with cushion.Chrome plated steel ferrules.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price

Page 69 - Global Distribution Usa, Llc

Can CoolerIdeal for 6 packs and lunches. Leak proof liner.Collapsible. 70 denier nylon. Black.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt.

Page 70

Personal Cooler16 quart. 24 can capacity. Holds 2 liter bottleupright. Cooler keeps ice for 3 days. Insulated lid.Fits behind vehicle seats and under

Page 71

Ice Pack8.5 ounce. 5-1/8”H x 2-5/8”W x 1-1/4”D. For lunch boxesand picnics. Safe, non-toxic. Reusable.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multi

Page 72

pH Plus BalancerSodium carbonate/soda ash. 5 lb. Raises ph levels in pools.Prevents corrosion. Bottle.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multi

Page 73

Swimming Pool Shock5-1 pound pouches. 60 percent available chlorine.New safer formulation. Class 1 oxidizer (little to nocombustible reaction). For sw

Page 74

Chlorinating Tabs3” tablets. 47 percent available. 15.75 pounds.Stabilized chlorinator. Class 1 oxidizer (little to nocombustible reaction). New safer

Page 75

Spa & Pool Test StripsEach strip tests for total Bromine, pH balance and total Alkalinity.50 strips. Carded.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. M

Page 76

By-Pass Loppers32”. 1-1/2” diameter maximum cut. Teflon coatedblades. Fiberglass handles with cushion grip.Chrome plated cutting hook with sap groove.

Page 77

By-Pass Pruner3/4” cutting capacity. Power gear cutting action generates extracutting power and minimizes muscle strain. Nyglass compositebody enginee

Page 78 - Gardner Equip/Homestead

Pruning Stick1.25 cutting capacity. Dual action Powerstroke cuttingaction. Rotating cutting head for the best cutting position.Lightweight aluminum. L

Page 79

Grain ScoopNo. 12. Blade size: 14-1/4”H x 17-3/4”W. Black poly blade.Durable and high quality. Green ribbed D-grip. Hardwood handle.Handle length: 30-

Page 80

MacheteTempered carbon steel blade for greater strength. Heat-treated toachieve maximum flexibility. Polished and varnished blade surface. Co-molded h

Page 81 - Phoenix Recycled Products Inc

Mattock Pick5 pound. 36” fiberglass handle. Drop forged and deeptempered with a surface polished, machined face. Heattreated and rust resistant.Stock

Page 82

Link HandleWoodchopper & Maul Handle36” length. For “Collins” and “Plumb”. Select American Hickory wood. Firefinished, lacquered.Stock Mfr. Unit o

Page 83

Single Bit Axe3-1/2 pound. 36” fiberglass handle. Hand ground,polished and Heat-treated to ensure sharp cutting.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. M

Page 84 - Jobes/Ross

Sidewalk Ice ScraperBlade size: 6”H x 7”W. Stained Ash proviled handle. Handle length:48”. Overall length: 58-1/4”. Forged tempered steel blade for ad

Page 85 - Smv Industries Inc

String Trimmer17” cut. .080” dual line. 28CC. Shaft length: 50”. Bump head linerelease. Replacement line, Ace No. 7102304. Yard Machine label.2 year l

Page 86

Blower & Vac31cc. Vari-speed. Spring assist starting. 205 MPHvelocity. 405 CFM volume. Vacuum kit included. 1-bushel bag/12:1 reduction ratio. 2 y

Page 87

File Guide With FileIncludes: one premium round file, guide and file handle.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price75888 2

Page 88

Saw Chain20”. Premium 78 drive link C-loop chain. Fits Poulan chainsaws. 3/8” semi-chisel. Ultra low kickback.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Mea

Page 89

Saw Chain14”. Premium 53 drive link C-loop chain. Fits Homelite,Sears and Solo chain saws. Reduces kickback. UL listedand ANSI.Stock Mfr. Unit of Orde

Page 90

Square Point ShovelNo. 1-1/2 blade. Blade size: 8” x 11”. Rolled turn steps. Powder coatedblade - black. 47” fiberglass handle for added durability. 5

Page 91

Saw Chain18”. 62 drive links. Ultra-low kickback semi-chisel chain isideal for casual user. Fast cutting excellent stay sharp.Minimal added feeded for

Page 92

Self Propelled MowerModel no. PR625Y22RHP-3N1. Front wheel drive.Self-propelled. 190CC Briggs and Stratton 625series engine. 6.2ft-lb. gross torque ra

Page 93

Mower Tune-Up KitFor B&S 11 HP engines. Replaces B&S pointsNo. 391284, condenser No. 29861. Containsspark plug, points, condenser and flywheel

Page 94

Air FilterFor B&S 3.5 HP original Quantum. Replaces B&S No.399877.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price75048 AC-BAF-1

Page 95

Air FilterFor 3-5 HP vertical shaft engines, Sears Eager-1 series.Replaces Tecumseh No. 32972.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt.

Page 96

Small Engine MufflerBolt-on “Pancake” type. Fits Tecumseh 2-4 HP engines.Replaces Tecumseh No. 27181B/ No. 30082-A/No.30996. With bolts and gasket.Sto

Page 97

Fuel FilterFits 1/4” I.D. or 5/16” I.D. tube. In-line.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price71903 AC-FF-125A EA 1 .6 3.99In-li

Page 98

Gas CapFor all Max and Quantum engines. Calibrated venting andbuilt-in fuel deflector. Nylon.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt.

Page 99

Throttle Control54” conduit casing with 57” inner cable.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price72499 AC-TC-301 EA 1 .7 7.99Mowe

Page 100

Spark PlugPlug meets and/or exceeds warranty requirements of all vehicleand engine manufacturers.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Replaces Meas. M

Page 101

Round Point ShovelNo. 1-1/2 blade. Blade size: 8” x 11”. Rolled shoulder on blade. 47”handle. Bulk.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple

Page 102

Trimmer LineEnough line for approximately several refills.Clamshell.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Description Length Diameter Meas. Multiple Wg

Page 103

Trimmer Line0.80 diameter line. Premeasured to fit “SpeedSpool” trimmer head. Fits Ryobi model #’s 705R,725R, 767R, 775R, 825R, and 875R.Stock Mfr. Un

Page 104

Trimmer Line & Spool.065 line; 20’ spool. For Weedeater XT200 (Ace No.7015027),YM600 (Ace No. 7089493), XT25, andHandy Stick.Stock Mfr. Unit of Or

Page 105

Trimmer Line & Spool.080 line. For XT260/XT250. Fits Ace No. 7015027.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price7138712 952-711

Page 106

Trimmer Bump KnobReplacement bump knob. Non-brushcutter models.Replacement for worn out bump knob on string trimmerhead. Fits Ryobi Model No. 700R, 71

Page 107

Trimmer HeadFits models: XT50T (Ace No. 74940) and XT85T (AceNo.74941). Also fits: GT117T-18T-18KT, XR20-30-50-70-75-80-85, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 17

Page 108

Arnold CorporationPremixed Gas & Oil32 ounce. For 40:1 mixture requirements for trimmers, chainsawsand all 2-cycle air cooled engines. 40 Fuel con

Page 109

Arnold CorporationLawn Mower WheelBall bearing hub takes 1/2” axle. 1-3/8” wide symmet-rical metal hub. Semi-pneumatic. Rib tread.Stock Mfr. Load Unit

Page 110

Arnold CorporationOff The Road ReplacementTubes4.80”/4.00” x 8”. For 2 or 4 ply 16” tires. Straightvalve stem. To be used with Ace No. 72182.Stock Mfr

Page 111

Gas Can1+ carb approved gas can holds 1 gallon 4 oz. offuel. Meets CARB and EPA requirements. Quickshut off when lever is released. Prevents leakagean

Page 112

Tamper Digging Bar72” x 3/4”. 16 pound. Black finish.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price74414 TB-175-C/32472 EA 1 22.6 31.9

Page 113

Accessory Card Spout ID Tag& Flex TubeConvenient variable flow control allows quick shut-off.Automatic venting system. Handy ID tag for labeling.I

Page 114

Hand Truck600 pound capacity. 10” x 2.75” “Ace Tuff” wheels(Replacement Stock No. 7068828). 8” x 14” toe plate.50-1/2” high. P-handle.Stock Mfr. Unit

Page 115

Wheelbarrow6 cubit feet. Steel tray. 1.75” hardwood handles.Full size undercarriage. 16” block tire. Plastic ris-ers. Front tray braces. Replacement t

Page 116

Garden Scoot7” poly wheels. Storage shelf on bottom. Built-inhandle. Rustproof. Fully assembled.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wg

Page 117

Oscillating Sprinkler2800 square feet coverage. Non-puddling motor.Metal spray tube. Poly base.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt

Page 118

Impulse SprinklerWater coverage up to 5,800 square feet (86’ diam-eter). Metal on polymer sled base. Provides full orpartial coverage. Impulse arm sav

Page 119

Rotary SprinklerMaximum coverage of 85’ dia. Adjustable spraypattern, distance and density controls. Operateswith low water pressure. Water saving flo

Page 120

Irrigator Sprinkler4” x 4” round base. Square pattern. 30’ throw.Compact design. Zinc die cast. Carded.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Mult

Page 121 - Gulf Stream Home & Garden

Spray NozzleAdjustable brass nozzle. Front trigger. Water flow control.Zinc body with TPR coating on handle. Powder coated fin-ish. Carded.Stock Mfr.

Page 122

Hose NozzleAdjustable spray patterns. Lever controls waterflow and on/off. Pistol grip. Heavy-duty construc-tion. Carded.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order Unit

Page 123

Bow Rake54”. 14 tines welded steel head. Fiberglass handle for addeddurability. 5” end grip for comfort and control. Ideal for movingand leveling land

Page 124

Select-A-Spray Hose NozzlePlastic body. 7 position spray patterns: fullaction(cone, sharp spray, full flow), flood, mist, jet andgentle shower. Plasti

Page 125

Brass Sweeper Hose Nozzle3 times more power than conventional nozzles. Jet spray cleansdriveways, walks, gutters and siding. Carded.Stock Mfr. Unit of

Page 126 - Orange Guard Inc

4-Way Manifold4 adjustable flow controls. Includes wall mounthardware. Leak-free ball valves. Machined brass.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas

Page 127

Hose Connector1 female. Push back collar for leak-proof connection. 5 yearguarantee. Brass construction.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Mul

Page 128

Hose Mender ClampUse on plastic or rubber hose. Nylon coupling and shank; ABSclamps. Includes vinyl washer. 5 year guarantee. Yellow.Stock Mfr. Unit o

Page 129

Hose Coupling3/4”MHT x 3/4”MPT x 1/2”. Yellow brass. Garden hoseapplications.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price71934 GT306

Page 130

Clinch Hose MenderBrass hose repair coupler and mender. Recommended forrubber and hot water hose. Carded.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Fin

Page 131

Watering Wand36” with a shiny finish tubular aluminum arm and cast aluminum showerhead. Black finish on head and face. Plastic (black) one-way shut of

Page 132

Garden Hose5/8” x 100’. Tough, abrasion resistant outer jacket.2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Green color.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas.

Page 133

Utility Hose1/2” x 4’ coupled male and female. 300 pound burst.Safe for drinking water. FDA approved materials.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Me

Page 134

Lawn Rake22” wide head. 48” wood handle. 22 tines. Burgandy head.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price73245 1927300 EA 18 27.

Page 135

Hose Guides3” x 3” x 12”. Different styles (need styles) madefrom resin and aluminum. Hand painted. Each dec-orative design enhances the garden. Smoot

Page 136 - Totes Int. Mass Trade Div

Side Tracker Wall MountHose Reel125 ft. of 5/8” hose capacity. Hose guide for easein winding. Removable reel for winter hose stor-age. Mounts securely

Page 137

Outdoor Thermometer7-1/4” diameter. -60 to +120 degrees. Clings to win-dow with electrostatic. Clear view. Blue/white dial.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order Un

Page 138

Stick Flags8” x 12”. Ideal for promotions and giveaways. These beauti-ful 100 percent polycotton US flags are made with a specialno-fray finish. Mount

Page 139

Flag Pole5’ length. Clear plastic ring provided for use on sleeved or grom-meted flag. Clear bag with header card.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No.

Page 140

Best Quality Wild SeedFortified with the essential vitamins, minerals and aminoacids. For year round feeding. 29 percent millet, 29 percentmilo, 7 per

Page 141

Squirrel & Critter Food10 pound bag. Attracts squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits andother creatures. Ideal for year round feeding. Ingredients:corn, oi

Page 142

Window Hummingbird Feeder8 oz. 2 stations with perches. Clear acrylic. Attaches towindow, wall or post. Easy to clean wide mouth design.Quick release

Page 143

Strawberry HummingbirdFeeder48 oz. 3 station. Plastic. Decorative. No drip base. Boxed.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price8

Page 144

Chalet Redwood FeederSmall. 2 lb. capacity. Small hopper redwood feeder. Clear,poly colonial pattern window panes on two sides. Slide-uproof for filli

Page 145 - Onward Multi Corp

Mini Garden Claw34” high. 5” long handle with foam grip. Tines are 3-1/4” long and 1/4”wide. Created for tough-to-reach areas. Great for flower beds a

Page 146

Window Tube Bird Feeder2-1/2” dia. x 8” long. Six feeding stations. 2 lb. seedcapacity. Includes seed catcher tray and two suction cups.Display box.St

Page 147

Squirrel Repellant1.5 ounces. A safe way to repel squirrels from bird feeders withoutharming birds or squirrels. Add 1 (1.5 ounce) package of powder t

Page 148

Landscape Edging3” x 40’ coil. Use with stake kit Mfg. No. 99310(Ace No. 74524). Redwood colored plastic. UV sta-bilized. Sleeved.Stock Mfr. Unit of O

Page 149 - Packaging Service Co Inc NHS

Lawn Edging4” x 20’ coil. Designed with special ribs and pock-ets to hold securely. Bulk.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Pric

Page 150

Knee PadSoft NBR material. Built-in carry handle. Easy to clean surface.Assorted colors: green and red. Bulk.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size

Page 151 - TVL International LLC

Jobes/RossTrellis Netting6’ x 12’. Supports climbing fruits and vegetables.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price7037161 16301

Page 152

Garden Fence2” x 3” mesh. 16 gauge. For fencing in play areas, petconfinement, etc. Plastic coating. Green.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size M

Page 153

Welded Hardware Cloth1/4” x 1/4” mesh. 23 gauge steel. Galvanized after weld-ing.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Size Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price51

Page 154

Thermometer15” x 15” x 1.6”. Aged finish in beige color.Polyresin. Boxed.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price8196891 CL1003-

Page 155

Lawn & Garden Fertilizer10 pound. 1-0-1. Covers 1,000 square feet. Granule fer-tilizer supplement. Replaces micro nutrients and traceelements back

Page 156

Garden Hoe6-1/2” x 4” blade. 48” hardwood handle. Poly ferrule. Welded. Bulk.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price70600 ATJ-P

Page 157

Lawn Fertilizer30-3-4. 5,000 square feet coverage. Kills surface insects thatcause lawns to thin and turn brown. Helps strengthen lawnsagainst heat, d

Page 158

Pine Bark Nuggets2 cubic foot. Roughly 2” to 3” in size. Decorative groundcover. Great for children’s play areas. Darker color thancypress mulch. Bagg

Page 159

Potting Mix1 cubic foot. Contains all the necessary ingredients con-tainer plants need to thrive and flourish. Enriched withMiracle Gro plant food to

Page 160

Liquid Plant FoodQuart. Mix with water. Makes 2 gallons of plant food whichfeeds 20 square feet. For all types of plants, vegetables andhouseplants. F

Page 161

All Purpose Plant Food10-10-10. Slow release plant food. Each Miracle-GroShake `N Feed contains all three vital NPK nutrients. Applydry directly to so

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Plant Food24-8-16. For all flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, andhouseplants. Indoor/outdoor plants. Feeds plants throughthe roots and leaves. Contai

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Rose Food9-18-9. 4.5 pound jar. Provides constant nutrition for up to3 months for continuous growth of roses. Contains all 3 vitalNPK nutrients. Apply

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Planting &Transplant StartingSolution4-12-4 formula. 48 ounces. Promotes strong root growth andhelps prevent transplant shock. Mix with water when

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Liquid Turf Builder29-2-3. 32 ounce. Greens lawns quickly. Feeds up to 5,000square feet. Easy to use - just attach to hose and spray. Easy toapply-no

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Moisture MeterMeasures moisture. Prevents over-watering. Indoor/outdoor.Stock Mfr. Unit of Order UnitNo. No. Meas. Multiple Wgt. Price7011638 1810 EA

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