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Page 2 - Contents

SpecificationsSpecificationsDescription:System:Battery Chemistry:Description:System:Battery Chemistry:BCL1418Super charger for both Lithium-ion and NiC

Page 3 - Key Contents

BPP1817M1 x 18 V (1.7 Ah) NiCad BatteryBPL18201 x 18 V (2.4 Ah) Lithium-ion BatteryBPP1817M22 x 18 V (1.7 Ah) NiCad BatteriesBPL182022 x 18 V (2.4 Ah)


One Plus 18 V DrillsQuick adjustment 24 torque settings. 13 mm keyless chuck. Auxiliary handle for added control.Autoshift – automatically selects the

Page 5 - MAXIMUM

NEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWOne Plus DrillsCombination tool for hammer drilling and screwdriving applications L13 mm metal keyless chuck LAutomatic spindl

Page 6 - Cordless Power Tools

One Plus DrillsNEWNEW13 mm keyless chuck L Electronic variable speed, reverse and brake for total control LAutomatic spindle lock for one-handed bit c

Page 7

Up to 265 Nm Torque (Max) for heavy duty bolt/nut driving LVariable trigger speed for ultimate control LKeyless ½˝ Drive L Impact mechanism designed t

Page 8 - What is the One Plus system?

One Plus 18 V Tools GripZone™ overmould technology for improved comfort with a positive grip.Laser guide for cutting accuracy. Tool-less blade clamp f

Page 9 - I START?

115 mm (4½˝) wheel diameter L 270° rotating base for access to awkward areas L Spindle lock for easy wheel and accessory changing LTool-less wheel gua

Page 10 - One battery

Fires up to 32 mm Brad Nails and 14 mm Staples to handle La wide variety of fastening applications Easy to load magazine accommodates up to 100 Bra

Page 11 - Not available in UK

Cleans up dry spills LGo-anywhere, fast cleaner LQuick-change replacement filter L Easy-clean dust cup L GripZone™ overmould technology for improved co

Page 12 - One Plus 18 V Drills

As one of the largest and most innovative power tool manufacturers in the world, Ryobi are dedicated to delivering outstanding performance and reliabi

Page 13 - One Plus Drills

Auxiliary jack – compatible with MP3, CD players, etc LConvenient switch from FM to auxiliary input LOn/off switch via volume control dial L Manual an

Page 14 - 18 V 2-Speed Drill/Driver

Dual mode for drilling into multiple materials, with or without Lhammer action Light and compact, so ideal for working in small areas Lor over-he

Page 15 - BID1821M

SPECIFICATIONSOne Plus18 VGardenToolsOne Plus 18 V Garden Tools22Features FeaturesIncluded as standardAdditional spoolExtendable shaft to suit your st

Page 16 - One Plus 18 V Tools

23One Plus 18 V Garden ToolsFeaturesFeaturesOCS1840 18 V Chemical SprayerIncluded as standardBlade Extendable shaft to suit your style of working L T

Page 17 - CJS180LM

14.4 V Tools2414.4 V Tools14.4 V Tools www.ryobitools.co.uk

Page 18 - CNS1801M

NEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEWNEW14.4 V Tools25SPECIFICATIONS13 mm keyless chuck L Electronic variable speed, reverse and brake for total control LAutomatic s

Page 19 - Included as standard

SPECIFICATIONS2612 V–4 V Tools12 V–4 V Tools10 mm keyless chuck LLight and compact – Ideal for tough work in tight environments L24 torque settings f

Page 20 - One Plus Tools

On board tool storage LIdeal for laminate floors and sheet metal L GripZone™ overmould technology for improved comfort Lwith a positive gripSpindle l

Page 21

SPECIFICATIONS Secure QuickChange chuck with automatic spindle lock for Lone handed bit changing24 Torque settings L2 Speed gearbox for control, pow

Page 22 - One Plus

SPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONS Screwdriver: Secure QuickChange chuck with Lautomatic spindle lock for one handed bit changing24 Torque settings L 2 S

Page 23 - One Plus 18 V Garden Tools

New Products 4Cordless Power Tools 6One Plus 814.4 V Tools 2412 V – 4 V Tools 26Corded Power Tools 31Percussion Drills & Rotary Hamme

Page 24 - 14.4 V Tools

Corded Power Tools30Corded Power Tools

Page 25

Percussion Drills & Rotary Hammer Drills 32Angle Grinders & Cutters 34Sawing 36Woodworking 38Machinery 43Vacuum 49Corded Power Tool

Page 26 - 12 V–4 V Tools

SpecificationsFeaturesPower input: Keyless chuck:No load speed:Blows per minute:Max. Drilling capacities:WoodSteelMasonryWeight: Variable Speed Forward

Page 27 - 12 V–4 V Tools

ERH650VSDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill650 WSDS Keyless chuck0 – 1,100 rpm0 – 4,000 bpm32 mm13 mm20 mm2.9 kgERH750VSDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill710W (230 V

Page 28 - 12 V Lithium-ion Torch

Livetool Indicator™ – glows blue when plugged into the power supply GripZone™ overmould technology for improved comfort with a positive grip3 position

Page 29

SpecificationsFeaturesPower input: Wheel diameter:Bore diameter:Cutting capacity:Round pipeAngle stockFlat metal stockNo load speed:Weight: 0º–45º mitr

Page 30 - Corded Power Tools

SPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONS36SawingSawingPowerful 1,250 Watt motor LAdjustable base for 0°– 45° bevel settings LAdjustable depth setting for efficient

Page 31

SPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSNEWNEWNEWNEW37Sawing Powerful 800 Watt motor LVariable speed trigger: 500-3,000 strokes/min L

Page 32 - & Rotary Hammer Drills

38WoodworkingSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSPower input: 240 WattNo load speed: 7,000 – 12,000 opmSanding pad size: 125 mmDiameter

Page 33 - EID600RS

39WoodworkingNEWNEWNEWNEWSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSPower input: 250 WattNo load speed: 6,000 – 12,000 opmSanding pad

Page 34 - Angle Grinders & Cutters


Page 35 - Specifications

40WoodworkingSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSPower input: 1,350 WattBelt speed: 240 – 400 m/minSanding belt size:

Page 36 - 190 mm 7 (½)˝ Circular Saw

41WoodworkingNEWNEWNEWNEWSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSTable dimensions: 610 x 355 mmLeft/right ex

Page 37

42WoodworkingSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSPower input: 2,000 WattHeat settings: 50 – 550

Page 38 - Woodworking

Machinery43MachineryNEWNEWSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesPower input: 1,100 WattBlade diameter: 210 mm (81/4˝)Blade type: TCTNo load speed:

Page 39

44MachinerySPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesPower input: 2,000 WattBlade diameter: 254 mm (10˝)Blade type: 40-tooth TCTNo load speed: 4,500

Page 40 - 750W Planer

45MachineryNEWNEWNEWNEWHugely versatile 10˝/ 254 mm table mitre saw LAluminium milled table for a precision surface LUniversal 1800 Watt motor LSoft

Page 41

46MachineryFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSPower input: 370 WattNo load speed: 2,850 rpmWheel size: 200 x 25 mmBore size: 15.88 mm

Page 42 - Router Table

47StandsNEWFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSStandsDimensions: 810 x 500 x 135 mmHeight adjustment: 630 – 1,080 mmWeight: 12 kg LSuitable for use with mitr

Page 43 - Machinery

Included as standard2 x saw mount bracket, 2 x work support, 2 x work support bracket48Stands LSuitable for use with mitre sawsHeavy-duty deluxe meta

Page 44

49NEWSPECIFICATIONSVacuumFeaturesPower input: 1,200 Watt Suction power: 205 air wattsSuction capacity: 1.87 m3/minDry capacity: 14.4 LWet capa

Page 45 - Image shown is ETS1526AL


Page 46 - 315 mm Thicknesser

Intelligent Measuring Tools50Intelligent Measuring Toolswww.ryobitools.co.uk

Page 47 - Weight: 12 kg

Intelligent Measuring Tools 5251Intelligent Measuring Tools

Page 48 - Roller Ball V-Stand

52Intelligent Measuring ToolsSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSStud sensor measurement: Wood/me

Page 49 - 45 Litre Wet & Dry Vacuum


Page 50 - Intelligent Measuring Tools

54Intelligent Measuring ToolsSPECIFICATIONSFeaturesFeaturesSPECIFICATIONSMeasuring range: 0.6 – 18 mAccuracy: +/- 0.5% +/- 1 digitAperture angle:

Page 51

Contents ContentsContents10 x HSS Drill Bits (1.5 – 8 mm) L4 x Masonry Bits (5 – 8 mm) L4 x Flatwood Spade Bits (13 – 25 mm) L3 x Bradpoint Bits (3 –

Page 52 - AIRgrip Laser Level

FeaturesFeatures Features Carbon steel with titanium coating for longer life L Tri-point cutting design for accurate and smooth Lcutting Hex shank

Page 53 - SW104AA5L

Contents: Contents: Contents: Not available in UKFeatures Contents: Not available in UK Contents: Not available in UKRTC0050B 50 Piece Screw & Nu

Page 54 - Large Digital Tape

AccessoriesBatteries and ChargersModel No. Description Lithium-ion BPL1815 1 x 18 V (1.4 Ah) Lithium-ion Compact Battery BPL1815/2 2 x

Page 55 - Accessory Sets

Reciprocating Saw Blades Sanding AccessoriesDescription Teeth Length Quantity Application Fits ModelsSaw blade 24 tpi 100 mm 5 pack Steel CRP180

Page 56

Cordless Power Tools

Page 57

Index60IndexContents 3New Products 4 – 5Cordless Power Tools 6 – 29One Plus 18 V Battery & Charger Options 10 – 11CDI1803M 18 V 3-Speed Hamm

Page 58 - Accessories

61IndexEDP5530L 305 mm (12˝) Drill Press with Variable Speed and Laser 46ETP1531AK 315 mm Thicknesser 46EBG3720 200 mm Bench Grinder 46Stands

Page 59 - Fits Models

One Plus 18 V System Introduction 8One Plus 18 V Battery & Charger Options 10One Plus 18 V Drills 12One Plus 18 V Tools 16One Plus 18 V Tool B

Page 60

What is the One Plus system?The Ryobi One Plus System is a unique tool range in which one battery and charger can be used with up to 23 power tools an

Page 61

HOW DO I START?Buy a starterkit includingtool, battery,chargerand bag.Next tool purchase;no need to buyanother batteryand charger.Save money!Choose an

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